People who help us…

Our lovely parents got involved this month with a visit from a parent doctor and a parent teacher!

The children were able to talk openly about what happens when they go to the doctors. One child said. ‘I went to the doctor he made me better’ and another said ‘My dad went to the doctors too’. They had an opportunity to listen to heartbeats with a stethoscope which led to a lot of giggles! The children had a really good time learning about the role of doctors and how they help us get better.

We had also had another visit from a parent who’s a teacher! She spoke to the children about what to expect at ‘big school’ in September. Our parent teacher showed them a number of exercise books with lines showing them what to expect and they all had a go at writing too! The children were offered boards to practice their mark making/writing skills and had a fun time doing so. A big thank you to both our parents for their time and enthusiasm! We loved having you with us.